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Stainless Steel Leather Bracelet

time:2013-07-31 author:

People always associate bracelet with gold bracelet, platinum bracelet and silver bracelet. These bracelets are either expensive or oxydic easily, which are not suitable for daily wear.

However, we need some bracelet serve as a perfect foil to our dress sometimes. Stainless steel leather bracelet, I think, is the best choice for most occasions.



It is a miracle that leather combine with stainless steel can be a variety of stainless steel leather bracelet.


The leather can be wide, thin, wrap, braided with rich color, and the stainless steel clasp can be hook clasp, lobster clasp, magnetic clasp and so on. The variety of stainless steel leather bracelet is beyond of our imagination. Braided leather red bracelets with stainless steel heart shape are suitable for little girl or girls who fall in love. Spike leather bracelets with stainless steel wide snap clasp are suitable for cool boys in punk rock. Leather cuff bracelets with high polished stainless steel clasp are suitable for professionals.


In a word, people in different occupation can find a suitable stainless steel leather bracelet.


Compared with the expensive gold bracelet, stainless steel leather bracelet price ranges from several dollars to dozens of dollars. You do not worry about it will be robbed when wear it in the street. However, high quality leather and stainless steel looks as good as platinum bracelet.


Stainless steel leather bracelet has high resistance to rust, corrosion and tarnishing, which requires minimal maintenance.  So, stainless steel leather bracelet has longevity than other bracelet in a way. Just remember do not get wet the leather and brush the stainless steel clasp when it is dirty.

That is why stainless steel leather bracelets have become a big hit in many countries; the pursuing for this trend is universal.