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How to Keep Your Jewelry Organized

time:2013-08-01 author:

Girls can not live without jewelry. Generally, girls have more than one piece. Most of their jewelry is made of different materials. That’s why it is essential for them to organize jewelry. However, organizing is not enough, what’s more important is to keep them all in good condition.

If you have no idea about it, following tips may bring you clue to give best treatments to your jewelry pieces.

When purchasing jewelry, you must be told some simple tips to take care of your jewelry, which may give your jewelry first and basic care. But it is not enough especially when your pieces are much. You should know how to organize them first.

It is important for you to sort fashion pieces according to how frequency you wear them. Easy to understand that more wearable ones need to be at hand. And then, keep them in different groups based on their types, like bracelets, earrings, necklaces and so on. And then group them according to different materials, value or occasion.

It is apparent that high value jewelry piece deserves single space to keep it in case of damage and lost. Or you can group them according to occasions if you are a party fan. It can help you find proper piece when dressing up.

After that, you may have a clear mind about how many kinds of pieces do you have because when lacking of such grouping and pieces increasing, you may do not know what you have and not have.

Once grouping is done, clean them and put them in your organized boxes. Jewelry box works in aesthetic and functional way. It prevents jewelry pieces from outside influences like dust, water and damage. It is wise to prepare different jewelry boxes for different material made jewelry pieces rather than throwing all into one single box because rubbing and scratching between pieces can cause more damage. Try stylish boxes. There are many styles available now. It is better if inside fabric is soft or it is velvet decorated.

Now you know how to organize your jewelry. Very soon, you must have organized jewelry collection.