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Ke$ha Jewelry Collection for Charles Albert

time:2013-08-07 author:

Superstar Ke$ha gives her dublet jewelry line for Charles Albert. Her line is the most incredible, sick, amazing and weird collection I’ve seen this season. If you have a glimpse of the line, you may know why. The star brings edgy, wild and surprisingly whimsical styles. It is unpredictable for people because it is completely beyond people’s expectations in design, concept and elements.

According to Ke$ha, she has obsessed with Charles Albert thing because she often wear their outfits and jewelry. When she starts to work with Charles Albert, she found that they do share something aesthetic in common. They are a good team. Then, those whimsical and jaw-dropping pieces gain great attentions. The jewelry is full of edgy, romantic, whimsical and incredible touch.

embedded kesha rose skull arrowhead earrings

This drop earring is comprised of red roses beads, white skulls and black obsidian arrowheads. Color choice is nice but elements options look weird. Red roses delivers romantic sense while white skulls are cute as fashion jewelry element but also gives creepy feel. When these two meet, weird sense unveils. However, it is not influence fan’s love to it. Everyone wants to be different. And then, this is a good choice.


In this jewelry line, rose-skull-arrowhead earrings cannot counted as the most jaw-dropping piece if you see her fossil shark tooth piece. No one could come up with the idea to bring tooth into jewelry design expect Ke$ha and Charles Albert. Very creative and imaginative. It is more than edgy. It is beyond our imagination. Do you dare to wear tooth jewelry when going out?


Among many lust-worthy pieces, sparkling blue druzy stars and quartz crystal are very eye-catching. And it is my fave.

No one knew Ke$ha’s jewelry line for Charles Albert could be so successful and gorgeous. Let’s just enjoy it.