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Leather Snap Bracelets the Once Toy Bracelets

time:2013-08-05 author:clio005

Have you heard of snap bracelets or slap bracelets which are in fashion now? You may be surprised for the long history when you get to know it. I always thought it is a new invention. However, the snap bracelet was a popular fad among children, pre-teens and teenagers in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a toy bracelet.

A teacher named Stuart Anders from Wisconsin invented the bracelet in 1983. Then it is sold as “Slap Wrap”. What does a “Slap Wrap” look like? It is simple at first. Just a thin strip of springy metal covered by woven fabric or plastic. It is easy to wrap it around the wrist. Why it was popular among children, pre-teens and teenagers at that time? One reason is that it is really inexpensive. The materials are easy to get. No diamond, no gold and silver. Besides, it was not under the brand name like Louis Vuitton or Hermes. Everyone could afford it. Besides, the bracelets could be in all sorts of colors and patterns, so they can be as sober or as bright as the wearer wants them to be.

The snap bracelet was once banned by some schools following reports of injuries stemming from improper use. The metal could break and slice through the fabric or plastic, exposing sharp metal edges. It was the case in the last century. Now this kind of bracelet is popular again. Do you feel it is still unsafe? Don’t worry about it! The manufacturers have been using thicker metal. The covers of the snap bracelets are various now. Better quality and more colorful plastic, fabric, even leather. Look at the below items from our website Clio Jewelry.

Genuine leather is used as the cover of the bracelets. Looks safer! Leather is better for adults!

You may have had the once toy bracelets. Why not let a new one remind you of the sweet childhood? Hurry up!