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2 Models Leather Bracelets for Men

time:2013-08-09 author:

Leather bracelets are getting more and more popular this season. Many men choose to wear leather bracelets. Now I am recommending 2 models leather bracelets for men, which are new and popular in 2013 summer.

The first model is these skull leather bracelets. For these bracelets, we choose natural leather cord to make them. The inner part of the leather cord is rough surface, you can easily figure out these are genuine leather. The outer part of the leather cord, we make them smooth surface. These make the whole bracelet look natural and beautiful. At the center of the leather cord, there we add a skull head. Many men like skull head, right? They think skull head looks cool. They believe that when they wear a skull thing, they look manly, cool, and mysterious, and also charming! Girls, do you agree with this?

skull leather bracelet 

The second model is these wide braided leather bracelets. These are big size, and fit for strong men. They are also made of genuine leather cord. Inner part of the leather is rough surface, and outer part is smooth. The metal clasp is 316L stainless steel. The bracelet is 26mm wide. So big size is some men’s favorite. So manly and strong! I bet you will love them!

leather bracelets for men

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