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4 New Models of Leather Bracelets for Women

time:2013-08-16 author:

Now I am recommending 4 new models of leather bracelets for women:

leather bracelets for women

Model 1 is white. One half is braided leather cord. The other half is silver tone stainless steel. In the center of the bracelet, there is a crystal pave flower charm. This charm is used as a button. And also it has another function: adorning the whole bracelet. It is one bright spot of this model, do you agree?

Model 2 is a multi strands bracelets. It is made of 5 strands of leather cord. This makes the bracelet big and conspicuous..You can see there are many four leaf clover charms. These are made of high quality 316Lstainless steel. We can assure that these clover charms will keep glossy as always, and never get rusty. These charms can slide easily on the leather cord. You can move them to any part as you want.

Model 3 is black. It looks mysterious, isn’t it? This model is similar to model 2. The only difference is the charm. These charms are flower shaped. And at the center of the bracelet, there is one flower with twinkling crystals.

Model 4 is simple design. We just make them with red color genuine leather and 316L stainless steel. One half is leather and the other half is stainless steel. We just connect these two material by intertwining them together. At the back of the bracelet, we use a lobster clasp.

For more models of leather bracelets for women, welcome to CLIOJEWELRY.